Improve your aesthetic well-being

Breast augmentation


is a popular procedure among women who have a deep desire for a particularly beautiful breast. Women in particular suffer from changes to their body and self-esteem after pregnancy.

The situation is similar for young women who feel exposed to high social pressure from model competitions, for example. If you feel that your mental well-being is suffering, you should take action.

Breast operations are safe today and the surgical risks are controllable. You should pay particular attention to the breast implants and not just to the cost of the operation.

Breast augmentation surgery

Saline or silicone gel implants are used for breast augmentation, the shape and size of which can be customized. In a consultation with Dr. Karsten Sawatzki, personal wishes and suitable implants are discussed.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, takes 60 to 90 minutes and requires an overnight stay. The implants can be inserted through different incisions, the placement depends on the anatomy.

After the operation, a bandage is required for five days and a sports bra for four weeks. Sport and heavy lifting should be avoided for four weeks. Patients receive an implant passport.


Breast augmentation is much more than just inserting a large breast implant. It takes experience and a feel for what will serve you as a woman best in the long term. Dr. Sawatzki has performed breast augmentation for decades and can assess long-term before and after results and find the best shape for you.

Your health is our top priority and Dr. Karsten Sawatzki has a long list of references and satisfied patients who have undergone perfect surgery without complications to the highest medical standards in Germany


Every operation and medical procedure carries risks. You will receive detailed advice on this in a personal appointment. High-quality material, the best breast implants and trained staff are an important factor in minimizing medical risks.

Breast augmentation at a glance:


Detailed advice on choosing the right aesthetic size


approx. 60 – 90 min under general anesthesia
carried out

Back at it again

after a few days, no sport, heavy lifting for 4 weeks

Sport & Leisure

after 4 weeks with sports bra


self-dissolving sutures, implant passport, guarantee


Women should not be afraid to improve their aesthetic well-being if they want to or if they suffer from problems. Thanks to modern breast implants and advanced surgical techniques, perfect, harmonious and natural results are possible. It is important to Dr. Sawatzki that the implants chosen match the patient’s physique and look authentic.

The result will satisfy you, and the price of the perfect breast will soon be forgotten.

The operation can be combined with various aesthetic procedures,
to achieve a comprehensive and harmonious result.

A combined operation reduces the overall risk and saves time and costs.