With or without a cut to perfection.


stands for minimally invasive treatments that do not involve surgery or scalpels, as well as plastic surgery where we can guarantee you flawless results.

Our expertise is based on comprehensive specialist knowledge acquired over many years in the field of aesthetic medicine with plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and modern methods of anti-wrinkle treatment.

A real specialty: Almeida-Aesthetic also specializes in individually tailored combination treatments, which not only ensure a comprehensive and harmonious beauty image, but also help to reduce costs and risks.

Dr. Karsten Sawatzki

Your treatment at Almeida-Aesthetic

For Your Eyes only

Treatment of the eye area

Modern methods against the traces of life

Wrinkle treatment

Improve your aesthetic well-being

Breast augmentation

Less is sometimes more

Breast reduction and breast lift

Finely balanced
Facial rejuvenation


The excess pounds…


The lips as a sensual eye-catcher

Lip lift & lip flip

Aesthetic corrections
& functional improvement

Nose operations

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Private practice Munich/Schwabing

Our modern practice for plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine in the heart of Schwabing

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Nose, lips, chest

Almeida Aesthetic offers combined cosmetic surgery with customized aesthetic procedures to achieve a comprehensive and harmonious result.